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Footprints Above the Frozen Hudson

The Goat that Wrote

So, remember that lake I half-heartedly pretended to road-walk to a couple of times (here and here) — Moreau Lake?

Well, Kate and I finally got there last weekend, refreshing my respect for the automobile, which lets you gaze, lazy and detached, from an overheated interior at the miles of icy, uninviting roadside only a lunatic would travel on foot. And it gets you those eight miles in minutes — in relative safety!

(Forgive my glee in stating the obvious — it’s been 14 years since I owned a car.)

Anyway, I’ll write up that adventure, a nice frolic on our new snowshoes around the frozen lake, pretty soon — this post is about a trip a couple of weeks earlier, a few miles west of the lake in that same state park, and again I got there the sensible way, on wheels.

It was a work day…

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